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Thread: Mr. Perfect or Mr. Right? I am just a PUA man.

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    Default Mr. Perfect or Mr. Right? I am just a PUA man.

    I have been called Mr. Personality, Mr. Perfect, Mr. Incredible, Killer Cat, and Jack. The last bit was a nice piece. I retired my old screen name on here "$$$" and though it was money as I was gaining quite a bit of notoriety I finally decided on a good screen name. I was not happy with the others. I think I am finally happy now. It basically goes back to FB last night since some guy said in raw humility to accept what others call you.

    I have had a lot of strange things happen in my life. Like for instance when I was out at the Club talking to some dude who liked me about getting jacked he said "See ya later Jack" I was like whoa. What happened there then I went to a music event and some parking attendant said "It's that way Jack". I was like whoa deju vu. Like am I imagining this stuff or not? One has to wonder. So I wasn't happy with my previous titles but this title sticks as I earned this title while out and rather than calling myself Mr. Perfect I think Jack sarge really sticks. You may not know but as you can tell I have been pretty infamous for having nicknames as when I was a dancer in the scene I gained quite a bit of notoriety and people called me "$$$" I was so money man and had all these titles and nicknames for my nickname. I went by that as my dancing name and some guy who inspired me to use it copied me and started introducing himself to people using my nickname! So they call me Jack but I like to Sarge so here goes nothing. I have been changing it a few times this time I think it will stick. I just didn't want to get to level 100 on here and have a screen name I don't like.

    So that's my story. My FR's will be up in June as I only go out during Summer since I get so swamped in hot chicks by then I have no need to go out other times. Some girl at work put herself in proximity of me at work I think she wants me to open her as I seen her BF's all left and now she put herself right in my path. I was walking by one time and she looked right at me dressed to kill and she was like "Oh wow" I was like strange there was no way she could be saying that about the wall. Well anyway one time a lady said I have the personality of a wall and then my ex-boss told me I was Mr. Personality and never ceased to amaze her. So consider me like a aspiring James Bond, Don Juan, or Casanova of pick up. Which granted I won't be famous but I will try to be great. I have done 100 approaches now and will be picking up for a very long time. Writing a blog to log my days of what happens when I go out approaching which will be up this Summer so I will give more details soon but it will be really intense since there will be so much info I won't want to give on the forums. So look out for that and glad to be back with a new attitude!

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    Default Re: Mr. Perfect or Mr. Right? I am just a PUA man.

    Good luck man! Welcome to the Forums. You really plan to hold off until June to pick up chicks?
    The Official Tinder Playbook--> m <--Stop swiping, start hooking up

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