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Thread: Hey y'all

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    RedneckRockstar Guest

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    Well, drinkings a bit strict since I'm not of age and the Army doesn't take too kindly to underage drinking... but, from what I've seen the drinks are just about the same as in the US. Hell they had irish car bombs at a place I stopped by over the holidays. They do have some cool bar games though, like billibow (combination of bowling and billiards) and at one place they give you an ice mug that you throw at a target for prizes.

    So far, the biggest issue I've ran into is of course the language barrier, but a lot of Koreans speak English, mainly to deal with the herds of GIs.

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    Typhoon Guest

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    Meet them halfway then. Learn a few words in their language. The extra effort will tickle them giggly, am sure.

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