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Thread: New AFC

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    jbb Guest

    Default New AFC

    So I am just getting into this and wanted some advice on where to start. There is so much information out there it's all a little overwhelming. I live in NYC but I can't afford the live training or boot camp sessions.

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    smoothcriminal Guest

    Default Re: New AFC

    I understand how you feelin' bro.. At first, when I joined in this forum, it was so overwhelming-all the infos and suggestions and stuff. But you can handle it as long as you take it one at a time. Go over each forum threads and see how people is saying about a specific topic. It would also help if you share your own thoughts about the topic presented. You can ask questions and the people here would be very willing to help you out in your queries.

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    Ridikulus Guest

    Default Re: New AFC

    Don't worry, you're certainly not alone. I've often had to Google a jargon or acronym myself. But there are really helpful articles here for your reading pleasure. After then feel free to jump in the forums and share, ask or comment away.


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