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    Xplode Guest

    Default A brief introduction

    Hello, fellow AFC's and PUA's.

    I will introduce myself as Xplode. I prefer to be addressed as X. Im a young male residing within Australia's shores, looking to expand my horizons and develop a greater re pour with women.

    I have spend copious amounts of money drinking in clubs and pubs. developing courage to speak to a beautiful woman, in the hope to kiss close or greater. I'm not a shy person, quiet the contrary. Im not overly excited but very humorous in the form of sarcasm and usually the life of the party. Give the aura of a gorgeous woman, i clam up and cant open. I seem to have Approach Anxiety and just miss out on so many great sets.

    So that is my goal here, and over the next few months. become confident with openers, and continue my progress, so that i can truely choose a positive partner for myself.

    look forward to hearing from you all.

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    TheRealDeal Guest

    Default Re: A brief introduction

    Welcome to Forum man X! in right place learn I've not long joined myself , Good Luck with continued Progress!


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    Typhoon Guest

    Default Re: A brief introduction

    I know there's a thread here somewhere abput overcoming shyness. Also lots of threads tackling openers and then there are so many articles to read here. So basically, what am saying is, you're in the right place my man. Welcome and see you around!

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