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    Solomon Guest

    Default Re: New to the PUA scene

    I think you should have just found a way to give her your number, e-mail, etc. and gamed her outside work. You did say she's mighty interested so go help the girl and meet her halfway.

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    Coyote Guest

    Default Re: New to the PUA scene

    day game and once you spot her, open her..... you wanna excalate or bounce the pick up into another "room" or format. Hit her for a number, email whatever asap and then escalate your communication with her out to a more private location where you can operate. Take constraints of time and space and out of the equation.

    I choose to fight on my ground and conditions so why wouldn't I choose to work my venusian magick on my terms and conditions...

    Day game you gotta go in hard and fast and build a bridge to further contact with her and we all gotta do it precision. 3s scared me at first but man I gotta do it. And knowing I can is power within itself

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