Hi guys!

Its Harlot and viva las vegas.

I'm 25 years old, a professional poker player and stock trader. I'm currently residing in Las Vegas and have lived in some parts of Asia, Australia and also Los Angeles.

I've read a couple of PUA material but never got to practice the technique and utilize the knowledge as I was in a committed relationship for the past years.

I like to think that I'm adept at the attraction game, mainly because I was blessed enough to have been in a popular band back in Asia and had little trouble getting girls because of celebrity status.

Anyway, now that I've outlived that part of my life, PUA is something I feel very passionate about and am looking to improve my game through the means of learning from others, meeting up with people from the community and practice, practice, practice and more practice.

I have little Approach Anxiety as I honestly do not really care what people think of me especially in a setting like Vegas where you almost never see the person again.

Anyway, I'm very excited about sharing stories, learning and also passing on my little experience with picking up women to others on this forum.

Thanks for doing what you guys do, and may the good pussy in the world never dry up!

Cheers guys