Hey all

I started in PUA 7 years ago when I was 22. Those days all i knew was Mystery's Venusian Arts stuff. It got me some great women. I ended up knotting up in a long term relationship which lasted 4 years. I stopped doing any form of PUA for obvious reason.

I broke up with her and the world is now very new to me.

Went out to a club last night and holy crap did I feel out of my element! Hot women all over the show. Me just staring. Actually came to realise that if I'm ever going to date again, I'm going to have to learn the game again. Also I realised that i want to learn more natural game . I hated those routines from Mystery - i had a huge hurdle with Approach Anxiety (still have).

I want to use my game to meet a head-turning, stunning, smart woman. I wouldn't mind getting married either. If it takes a few women to get me there then I'm happy with that.

I'm the type of guy who likes to learn from structured programs. Little bits and pieces here and there is not my style. My hope with using this forum is for support, so i would like to ask you guys to recommend me your BEST product? Something life changing, if there are still such gems.

Looking forward to a new life.