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    bandaboy Guest

    Default who-knew-africa-got-game?,im-more-than-happy-to-recieve-it.

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    Nubbi Guest

    Default Re: who-knew-africa-got-game?

    Oh so this is why you type weird. Haha. Welcome to the board, dude. How about telling us about how girls are in your part of the world. And streetgame is day game which is usually harder for everyone but I guess if you're confident enough and you keep practicing, there's no reason you can't thrive on that.

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    Default Re: who-knew-africa-got-game?

    In the middle of your keyboard, near the bottom in a HUGE key called the "spacebar" punch it once in awhile

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    romeo Guest

    Default Re: who-knew-africa-got-game?

    Whats up guys,

    @ Nubbi
    Just to answer for banda over there, this part of the world is tough man. All I am saying is South African chicks are all so uptight and you got to break them down bit by bit before you get any actual reaction from them... Been tough, but I can say many of the girls that aren't interested are very suttle and polite about it. They aint rude, don't ignore, in fact they'll probably put up with your shit until you give up on your own!

    On the physical aspects, some of the women here are SHB!!! I mean smoking guys... If you ever come down to this part of the world it is a MUST to hit Jeffreys Bay (It's where world surfing championships take place)! And no shit, I have NEVER seen a women below the rating of a 7 there!

    @ Banda
    What part of SA you come from brother? Just from personal experiences depending on where you are around here, it varies. I'm from the city (Joburg) and street game a lot tougher giving our general political state if you know what I mean. Some women will DEFINITELY get freaked out if you even had to ask for so much as the time (Without intention of PU).

    Durbz on the other hand and cities near the cost are more chilled out and tend to be more friendly. I once went out to PE and tried some basic pick up on the women just opposite the beach, incredible. I wasn't sure if the PU was working or if the people were just really really friendly (I guess a bit of both).

    Advice I can give you from a fellow rPUA, along with Nubbi's advice... Just check out your surroundings and the area you want to game in order to change your strategy to suite the environment. The faster the pace of the area, the more you got to stack (Cities) also make sure you make your target aware of your time constraints. If you're in a more chilled environment like at the beach or something of course it's gonna be a little more chilled. So take your time, enjoy and work your day game hard...

    Peace Out


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