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Thread: Lonely outta school and unemployed 20 year old

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    Default Lonely outta school and unemployed 20 year old

    Basically I've had only one job since High School, literally. I generally shy and may even be undiagnosed depression. I've done a few tests and I might in fact be an extrovert, I like being around other people, maybe I'm just shy because I picked it up from being a loner in High School. Don't get me wrong, I'm funny and can talk a ton if I get to know someone real good first, and when I had my one and only GF a little while back I was pretty good at charming her up

    She hmu first though, but I was playing the FB Game a lil bit back then and I'd go on Video chats like ChatRoulette and TinyChat and random girls would hit me up (I'd say I'm 7-9). Unfortunately with those websites, you'll be FB buddies at MOST, most of them lived in Canada, or halfway across the World and one of them was 14 which made me feel a bit awkward. I did meet one girl nearby like 1/4 across my state, she worked at an amusement park I'd go to sometimes, I forgot to text her though when I went one summer

    So on topic though, I'm here to improve my people skills overall, and find a girlfriend. I'm not interested in one night hookups, I just want some solidarity in this very dull times of my life

    Any recommended (FREE) guides to take a look at guys?

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    Default Re: Lonely outta school and unemployed 20 year old

    You came to the right place guy

    I recommend anything by David Wygant, man is smart and knows his sh!t. Anything RSD related on youtube as well when it comes to night game. One other I would recommend on youtube is Justin Wayne. For other daygame stuff, you can check out SimplePickup on youtube, they have a ton of videos as well.

    Make sure you practice for 3 hours for every 1 hour of content you learn. That's the important part here. If you need a place to practice, the nearest college/university to you is probably the best. Even if you don't go there, driving over and approaching a few girls during the day is great practice.

    I can also tell you I had depression a lot, and learning pickup changed that. Sure I had my ups and downs throughout learning, but I'm generally a much happier person with myself now. Going on the no fap challenge (look it up on reddit) will help your depression and confidence as well.

    Good luck buddy

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