I'm glad to finally join the PUA community to share my experiences and learn from other members. I've been in the game for quite a while and consider my self as a rather experienced PUA.

I'm a 21 year old Swede, living in the Swedens capital Stockholm. Currently studying M.Sc in CS and BA in Economics. I've been competing in martial arts and been weightlifting since my early teens. I work as a programmer, lecturer and model.

But enough bios, I'm not here to tell you about my life story. I rather tell introduce my self in a manner that represents why I've ended up on this forum.

My whole life I've had a huge interest in understanding how women work, the pure psychological triggers that need to be pulled to get into ones mind and build an attraction. The "game" of understanding these patterns and making the right moves to gain a girls attraction have always been a interest for me.

My sexual activities started early in my teens, and since then I've been with many girls and successfully seduced a major amount of women. Most of these seductions and sexual encounters have been smooth without a lot of hassle, but I have a keen interest in gaining a deeper understanding of womens mind and gain the ability to seduce anyone. I want to understand, to learn, to share experiences and help less experienced men to become a great PUA.

I look forward to becoming active on puaforums and learn from more experienced PUAs as well as teaching those we are less experienced.

If you have any further questions regarding my introduction, please feel free to ask.