Greetings, Gentlemen,

How are you? I'm a mid-thirties professional who loves women. I've been married, divorced, burned, adored... I think I can say I've run the gamut of relationship experiences.

PUA stuff is fascinating to me. PUAs seem to know some truths that most people either don't know or won't admit to.

I have a question. I'll post it here and see how that works.

***What are good responses when a girl you just met texts you and asks if you are on facebook?

Yesterday, I was in the computer lab where I'm in grad school, and I noticed a pretty young coed who had been there for a while. I remarked that it seemed like she lived here, called her goofball, and she proceeded to ask me all sorts of questions about myself... I avoided many obnoxiously. She asked my age and I told her 55. She said I looked REALLY good for 55. I told her she was a real flirt. As I left, I told her she should write down her number. She wrote it down and I said, "wow! you are forward!... not sure about you. just kidding. it looks like the beginning of a BEAUTIFUL friendship!"

I heard her say in a very warm and please tone of voice, "it certainly does!"

Today we had a couple texts bouncing around the possibility of meeting tomorrow. Then she texted, asking me if I'm on facebook.

I'm 95% confident that if I suggest a meeting place, she'll either agree or offer an option that is more viable for her schedule. I'm confident that she'll show. But I want to prime her. I want to set her up so that we can really max the joyful time we have. I think it would be something if she'd make me dinner tomorrow night. Then I could please her sexually and the world will be a better place for it... I know that getting a girl to invite me to her place for a first date is a tall order, and not nearly as easy as meeting for coffee and making out on the way to the car... but let's aim high.

She's young. It's spring.

So. How do I respond to her text asking me if I have facebook? Remember, my goal is to set the stage for her being intrigued. Maybe it will be advantageous for her to think that I'm ambivalent. Maybe showing her that I'm private or principled. What are your thoughts?

Some ideas for responses that I have so far:

"Of course, I do."
"What's facebook?"
"Again, you are quite forward."
"I don't facebook people I don't know."
"My facebook is only for close friends and family. I'll be at the coffee bean by campus at 7, if you want to meet up and talk. Remember, it's not date."

What are your thoughts?

I kinda like the "it's not a date" because as interested as she's acting, and as flirtatious as we've been, it will put doubt in her mind, but maybe not so much that she'll give up. Maybe it will put her the frame of mind of, 'I can get this guy... I KNOW I can... I've GOT TO, MISTER!!!" And since we are in the same department at school (she's an undergrad and I graduate soon... I'll never have a class with her), there's plenty of reason for us to meet, even if there were no romantic intentions.

I know this post is long. I want to play this game expertly. What are your thoughts?