I used to be on the paragon project going by the exact same username, i'm a big time clown and that needs to change. I'm starting to take life a bit more seriously now, I work out daily, study hard daily and stopped wanking and watching porn for 11 days now (I intend on avoiding porn for life), i'm even taking my religion a bit more seriously now( im going to church and reading the bible lately).

The only thing left is for me to get girls, the only way I can satisfy my needs is through sex, ive decided that (im currently 20 and a virgin), im not going back to wanking. I want to get better with women, my biggest weakness is escalating (it always has been).

I'm almost completely bald at 20 which sucks, aside from that I have no real insecurities aside from my sexual experience.

I want you all to help me with this part of my self improvement, I want a sex life and maybe even a relationship