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    carpetsugar Guest

    Default Hi! My name is "Carpet Sugar" :D

    I just made the name up today. I don't know whether it sounds hilarious, creative, or downright gay or submissive :/

    Its a name I made up for.... leftover cocaine on the carpet.

    Anywho, I am a AFC. But I don't hesitate for an approach, I been approaching for like... 2 years. Had sex twice the same girl. Thats it. Other girls I dated... dear god. I didn't want to do them. Not even the one I had sex with, a moaning zombie-looking chick that I told to stare at the wall before I did her from behind.

    But I have major problems setting up dates and initiating the sex part. I lucked out big time when I did. But my major dating successes seem to come from setting up a date with a PHONE CALL, not a text message.

    And I keep attracting downright awful girls to me. Girls that are obsessive, creepy, possessive.... I keep regretting I even called/texted them.

    I'm 21, Asian, does lame-o freestyle dancing in the clubs without caring, a student, and I think my progress so far is going by a really fucking dismal rate of self improvement. I had over 9 girlfriends in the year of 2009 (I consider a "girlfriend" as a girl who considers me as their "boyfriend", and that I mutually agree to return the favor), but for one reason or another, I broke it off. Main reason was, they were a combination of fugly, possessive, and downright crazy and drama laden. It was usually me who called it off.

    Help me

    If there is anything good I got from any of it, is that none of them said I was unattractive. They seem to all converge on the opinion that I look "average" up to "pretty hot".

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    Solomon Guest

    Default Re: Hi! My name is "Carpet Sugar" :D

    Dude... why are you approaching girls you're not attracted to? Why aren't you bailing out the minute there's hint of possession or jealousy? Why do you let yourself be called a boyfriend if they're not spreading their legs? Why? Why? Why?!

    So maybe this time, you should hesitate to approach. Think whether you really like the girl, at least. Think before asking for her number.

    Maybe you should spruce yourself up. I dunno, change your wardrobe, your walk, your conversations. Once your self-esteem is high enough, there is no reason for you to continue attracting losers. Seriously.

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