Hi Guys,

Im excited to be here; I love the game more than anything anybody could do to put me off it, I always come back. Getting what you want out of social situations in a way thats a win/win for everyone just feels amazing, and for me at least gives me more pride than anything else out there knowing im an attractive man. Not by the bling or genetic makeup, but by the core integrity I've learned largely from this community. So props to everyone here and a big thanks.

Now onto my background

I was a pretty extreme case, when I first read The Game back in 2006 I woke up with the thought "so your telling me I can just walk up to anyone I see and get them into bed" and that gave me an just shy of an orgasm right there. I saw the opportunity. What Neil didnt write about is the sheer grit, resilience, bravery, perseverance, persistence, and mental training it would demand to see positive results in return. My expectations were through the roof yet I hadn't developed the confidence to even try a cold approach. fast forwarding a number of years I became pretty miserable, jaded, and unhappy with unrealistic expectations and I wrecked myself.

College was a dissapointment and during the work horse era, i lost my friends just from lack of contact. I dropped out of college and long story short I had no friends, no direction, and no love. life sucked for a long number of years. And though I hate pain somewhere somehow It does things to you where you work hard to avoid it.

I made the pivotal decision to change my life for good january 2011 after sitting on the fence for years and not getting anything and started for the first time doing cold approaches. and with consistency and a lot of small un-noticable improvements bit by bit I began to improve my character to where now, Im almost married.

so why join a pua form? Thats asking for disaster.

Not so. I thought id be fine, but only 3 months after "walking away" from the PU community I already notice the small little shit tests im missing, those social dynamics being unconsciously processed, and all that Alpha to beta programming women do without realizing it. The truth is- Ill be a player for life, not in the form you might be thinking- the #volume issue is minor compared to sexual variety. the way I see it, If my relationship starts to suck, Im being boring and charging the relationship the way a good pua need to. The more I understand social dynamics the better. Sure its a tight rope walk and open to criticism, but so is anything in life worth perusing. the one thing ive learned is that to make anything last you have to be patient and understanding to enormous levels. sometimes its not all that great, but when you hang in there and dont give up- it eventually springs back to hot wild and energizing.

Whats my PUA IQ?

when you say "i don't know really i've read so much it all just kind of flows out unconsciously and they like it" I think thats a good sign. Id say im intermediate with know how and the read of the green. I learned most of what I know now by reading this forum and the eclectic answers to questions over and over. as far as specific gurus I read into with more detail, well most of them are right here. Ive been going now for about 3 years like my life depended on it.

My Current Sticking Points


learning that the world is full of smooth players with tight game inspired a lot of fear-of-loss around having a girlfriend, and now im trying to restore faith in myself that its fine to have her go out and be in a room and not tense up.--- If im doing my part and being the attractive male, I have nothing to worry about I cant handle.

I certainly want to continue to flirt and make and have female friends: but look at the flipside.. If my gf (who is very attractive btw and does attract a lot of interest) was hanging out with guy "friends" a lot id start to feel insecure as fuck.. so being able to do that and making her feel secure at the same time is what my next building block in all this is.

Basically continuing to follow my agenda without compromising too much while keeping my partner happy.


being a one-stand-man guy for a long time made me such a generation "now" person. I really do have to learn to weather the storms of life more. with myself. with other people. and hang by their side until the brighter days return.

attracting my partner over the long term.

anyone can turn on a babe on a saturday night. but keeping her interest rivitted on you and keeping her in the hots is an entirely different ballgame. Id LIKE to get my partner so hot she want to screw my brain every 12 hours. And that takes disipline and a whole lotta work. someone once said, to have sex with a woman, you first have to have sex with her brain, so I need to be having sex every 12 hours with her head if I want to keep up with what I idealize myself as. I never want her to forget, even for a second, that I want to bang her.

2014 Goals

my gf and I getting full body bodypaint, going to a fetish club, hotel, and having hot S&M sex after.
get a limo full for my birthday with a 50/50 guy girl split ratio.

General Info

im 25 at the moment. tried working sales but didnt enjoy the pressure of commissions as a newbie, now ill be taking courses in architectural drafting to work as a AutoCad Technician in a architectural firm or of the likes. That is intended to be my full time stability I can live off, and in the evenings ive Joined a network marketing company called All Communications Network which I can work on part time to achieve a healthy income to compliment my full time, and hopefully provide a very good living for myself and my family.

Last field report

Sorry to dossapoint but im a one girl man, but you can read all my thoughts on social dynamics and concept ideas in my journal.

Looking forward to continue cracking the code with you guys!