Hi everyone,

Thought I would introduce myself. I recently just registered on the site, although I have been reading threads on here for quite some time learning as much as I can.

I first became aware of PUA when I was 18 after reading the Game. Back then I was antisocial and horrible at making friends (I had none), let alone scoring with women, and it was then I made a decision to turn my life around. Although I managed to turn my social life around (i cannot get enough of socializing, its really fun!!!), unfortunately my sex life has been harder to work with. Currently I am 22 years old, close to turning 23 actually, and I only had sex ONCE. That was late last month (I am sure she got buyers remorse). On a plus note I managed to do that on the first date, using a lot of tactics I learned on here.

Currently I am working through RSD's Natural Game, and am trying to change my Mindset to match that of the natural. I have a lot of self esteem issues, which seem to run very deep. But I really know that I will only start to feel good about myself once I start seducing on a massive scale. I plan on being active on the forums, asking for advice on my successes and failures in the field. I plan to push myself very hard this year, and hopefully can meet some wingmen to help push me out of my shell when I start Uni again this september.

I only have one shot at youth, why waste it!

- salem