I'm 24, a student, and I haven't gotten any in over 2 years.

I spent the first 22 years of my life as a social outcast, and the last 2 trying to fix it. Now, I have turned my life around and have everything I want: I'm in a respected med school, I have a good bunch of friends, led an interesting life of travel and good times, built a good relationship with my son, others say that I've become good-looking, and built a great physique.

Well, almost everything. While I look pretty good on paper, there's a lot of romantic/sexual fulfillment that's missing. I've improved over time, actually managing to finally get a few dates during the past year (none of which went well LOL). If it takes another 2 year before I figure this out, I'll do it, but I don't think it should have to take that long. I feel like I'm lacking direction.

Really what I'm asking is what I should do from here. Now that I've busted my ass to bring myself from a life on the dredges of society to (almost) living the dream, it's time for me to finally make the commitment to fixing the one aspect of my life that still vexes me. Tell me what to do. I will fix this.