Well, let me introduce myself to you all, I'm Kevin, 22 or you can call me by Kim Sue Yang, I'm a mixed of Korean, Japanese and Chinese.

Started PUA in December 2013, been doing both day game and night game with success picking up girls by myself. I consider myself to be a very social person, determine in what I am doing as a PUA and willingness to learn something new every day to take my game to the higher levels. Always give 110 percent of my best effort every time I game. I am looking to meet aspiring PUA's in Toronto

I like to work with someone who is interested in doing both day game and night game on the weekends, weekdays and holidays - Who is also interested in helping each other to the very best so we can develop a win game mentality anywhere, anyplace and anytime eventually leading to finding beautiful quality girls every time.

So if anyone in Toronto who is looking for a wingman or if any groups of PUA's would like to take me into their group please contact by sending me a private message or replying to the thread.