Hi guys,

I started in the game about 12 years ago and posted over on fastseduction. I never got to PUA (didn't even get "good") because by sheer virtue of approaching women in the aim of getting better and being a good looking guy I kept getting girlfriends - which was nice but put a spanner in the works, hindered my progress, and sent me back to the beginning once the relationship ended, not having had chance to embed what alpha traits I'd learnt so that the change was permanent. There's nothing worse than being newly single and back to square one where what little game had been mustered was gone and forgotten. I was out last Saturday night for the first time in ages and I just knew my body language screamed "beta!"

My last gf lasted 7 years and so I am well and truly rusty and I really do feel AFC and hopeless whereas last time I had confidence despite getting a lot of flakes. Maybe it's because I'm now late 30s and feel old when on a night out now. Maybe because I'm no longer good looking now or because my hair has gone. Maybe it's because guys seem a lot taller - making me a lot smaller (5' 8").

I was never a true, clueless AFC. I had too much confidence for that. But I still made all the classic AFC mistakes - putting women on pedestals, tried to get them to like me by buying drinks and agreeing with them all the time, thought that questioning them for common interests built rapport etc. I even did the cringe-inducing tap on the shoulder and "would you like to dance" routine! Long story short, for a good looking guy I had way less success and way less attractive girlfriends than I should have had.

Anyhow, I'm back, older and not-so good looking anymore. Ultimately I'm looking for a great LTR but wanting to finally get the skills so that not only can I attract the kind of women I want to and do so effortlessly but so I can improve myself and be the best version of me I possibly can. I prefer natural game to routines and it's weird to see that the gurus from my day are all gone (except Mystery and Tyler) and the new masters are guys I've never heard of.