Hi all,

This is a great forum! I'm from BC, Canada. I've been reading through a ton of posts and theirs a lot of of talent on this site! Theirs a ton of stuff I have no clue what you guys are talking about like HB8, etc all these acronyms lol. Anyway, I'm wondering if you guys can point me to the right direction on learning pick up.

I was in a long term relationship and just got out of it...therefore, I'm a total noob in the pick up game. I've picked up online a couple of times, but I have big time problems picking up in person. The reason being is that I have NO BALLS to just go up to any girl and strike a conversation.

Question is, how do I grow some damn balls and start acting? Anyone have any tips or advise. I want to read a lot of noob/beginner material and start this week. I'm going on a vacation on Thursday to Mexico, so I wouldn't mind starting some pick up while I'm down there. Theirs tons of topics to bring up when your on vacation (where you from, what do you do, etc) and most people are in a happier more friendlier state on vacations. I believe when your on a resort on vacation, it's by far the easiest place to pick up...so I need to try something this week and if I fail, then I'm pathetic!!

Thanks everyone!!