Like Tucker, I am an asshole. I sarge married women because I can. I sarge ANY woman because I can. And just how does one become the asshole that Tony Max is?

Lets go back to 1983. I was a fresh-faced Kindergartener ready to take on the world. I was going to conquer all and do it with my friends by my side! I was going to have the prettiest girl in class as my girlfriend. Then when I asked her to be my girlfriend....

she said "no"


So I went through school, all those years, I had 3 girlfriends. The shortest run lasted for a day, and the longest lasted for a few months. Girls just didn't get into me. I was overweight and that crippled my game. So I hit the ol' dusty trail....alone.

College wasn't that great either. Had no prospects that I wanted. It always turned into "just friends" and it stayed that way for years.

Fast forward to 2007....

I was in a pub, getting smashed in my mind, because that was my thing. The pub closed and I started home. After a few minutes I was pulled over by the police. Remember the line "I had the right to remain silent, but I didn't have the ability"?

So there I was with a DWI. I wasn't prosecuted, but I had a huge fine, and hoops to jump through to get out of the prosecution. So I stayed at home, not drinking or interacting.

In my solitude I discovered "The Game" by Neil Strauss. Then "The Mystery Method", and a plethora of other material to start my journey to becoming a PUA!

The ironic thing is, my best friend had been trying to teach me how to pick up women for years and I just wouldn't listen. He moved away for a while, and that was when I started learning pickup. He came back and still gives me hell, saying " it took me leaving for 4 years for you to finally get what I was TRYING to teach you!!!"

Well, I AM an asshole....