Hey whats going on fellas?!

Cameron here, I'm just starting my journey and hoping to meet some great people along the way! I just recently got in to the scene because I noticed that my life was lacking in the social department as well as with women.

I recognized that I need to change this problem, so I started googling how not to suck with woman, or how to be better with woman. Welp, low and behold I came across a book titled The Game by Neil Strauss. I read every inch of that book in 3 days, then started doing my research and read the Mystery Method, followed by some NLP books. Eager as hell trying to learn anything and everything to help me.

Through my research, I came across this place. It has almost every topic someone in my shoes would want to ask, and everyone seems pretty cool and helpful here. Plus we are all working towards a common goal: Bettering ourselves not just with woman, but our lives as a whole. Why not surround yourself with people who want to succeed right?

With that said, I look forward to hearing and sharing some great stories for you guys as well as helping out!

Regards Gents.