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Thread: Sapppppp! I'm SpiritualGangster.

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    Default Sapppppp! I'm SpiritualGangster.

    I'm a 19 year old canadian construction worker. I like bodybuilding, hot yoga, eating, and buying new clothes. Compared to all other friends my age, I view myself as much more of a go getter. Instead of putting off things, I like to look at the long term and improve myself in any way possible for the future - and I want PUA to be THE biggest, if not one of my biggest skillsets!!!!!!

    I first learned about PUA in the spring of 2013. Highschool was over, and the girl I was looking at got back together with her boyfriend after we already planned a date. I didn't care too much at the time, but it started to become apparent that this was the only girl I had spent time chasing, so I was basically FUCKED.

    I eventually spotted a youtube video of a dude walking up to random women and asking for their phone numbers, which was fucking mindblowing to me at the time..I was telling myself, "How could this even be possible, you can get women without having to meet through friends?" Over two years of putting off things, I did an indirect appraoch here, maybe one direct approach there. Basically anything I could do to emulate those guys on youtube, to no success..

    ..and then a friend told me about Neil Strauss' "The Game". I read it, and while I learned some amazing tips, it led me to this website. After reading over some forums, and learning a few exercises, I began to get interested in developing better game. So I went out and started doing that ridiculous "Marvin the Martian" opener, just randomly saying "Hi" to girls, etc. My Indirect Game was especially favourable..

    ..But these indirect approaches are few and far between. I want to get better at DIRECT approaches. To me, while indirect approaches are a bit more reliable for me as a newbie, I prefer to refine my DIRECT approaches, because once I can run some serious game, I won't have to be a fucking opportunist.
    -----no longer would the caveman have hide in the bushes, waiting for his prey with a stone. Because as years passed, the caveman finally bonded with his bow, and it was then that he was able to get the most delicious of food, and evolve his tribe.------
    For the past couple of weeks, I have made direct approaches a part of my weekly schedule. And my first approach of the day yesterday, I had finally made my first Number Close. With a 26 year old (keep in mind I'm only 19, and I told her my age too). Out of the few great victories I record over time, this to me was one of them.

    So what have I learned so far (These are straight out of the notes on my own phone)

    1. Trial and error is the best fucking way to learn anything.
    2. Don't walk around and stutter around so anxiously
    3. Talk slowly and confidently
    4. If you're ever going to make fun of yourself, sound cocky as fuck
    5. Learn as many special things about the girl BEFORE you end a successful approach
    6. If you have a story to tell, try to make sure it is dhv
    7. Remember her fucking name
    8. When she asks why you approached her, tell her you just trust your feelings
    9. If she has a boyfriend, ask what his name is. That way if she hesitates..
    10. Act like you are the prize
    11. Make sure you shave your underdeveloped moustache before going out and running game

    I humbly thank you for letting me into your community. Here's one thing I'm getting stuck on though. A lot of the girls I approach are busy and at work, and stubbornly refuse to get chatted up. What are some ways around this?

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    Default Re: Sapppppp! I'm SpiritualGangster.

    Trial and error is the best fucking way to learn anything ..... Unless your pilot
    "The purpose of our lives is to be happy" - his Holiness the Dalai Llama of Tibet

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    Default Re: Sapppppp! I'm SpiritualGangster.

    Good to have you here bro! I have seen some good post's already keep it up, am looking forward to see some blog post's and infield from you. I dig the positive thinking and your style has big traces of the stuff i use! Digging it!

    Your the kind of guy that i would wing.
    Stay natural as always!

    "The act of taking the first step is what set apart the winners from the losers"
    - Bryan Tracy
    "Natural routines are the PUA's paint brushes"
    - Gotcha


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