Hi guys Sleek here, I'm definitely new to the world of PUA I have read the game and practiced somewhat by myself, but I joined the forum to give myself a huge kick in the ass and become an accomplished PUA.
Something I will talk about today is the my technique for a great first date. This is a technique that I used and found that I did receive a good amount of success in doing.
Say you are talking to a girl and you have agreed to a first date.
OMG OMG OMG what do I say during the first date.... I don't wanna seem awkward. I know that's a thought that runs through many guys' minds, but I feel like this technique really helps ease into the interaction.
BTW this technique is for guys that have cars and are able to drive the girl to the first date location.

So here it is.
You have to decided what you are going to do for the first date to ensure that it leaves a good first impression.
First: pick something that will allow you to talk to the girl throughout the duration of the date. I found that playing pool, bowling, mini-golf... all activities where you guys are up and about are pretty great for this.
Second: Play the questions game . The questions game is where you ask one another questions back and forth. So if I ask "what's your favorite color?" and she answers then it is her turn to ask another question.
Third: Find a way to incorporate the questions game throughout the activity. For instance I have found that If I am playing pool with her, then after each shot the person that takes the shot has to ask the other a question.
Fourth: start off with simple questions then move on to harder more personal ones. So start with questions like
"what's your favorite food" and "what are your favorite hobbies" to "what was the worst date you've ever been on", "what is one of you biggest pet peeves", and " What is your biggest turn off".
Fifth: if you are comfortable enough work on Kino and finding ioi's. this includes lightly touching her arm and looking for her to smile pack at the jokes you crack.
Sixth: after said activity say "Ok we are going for a walk" at this point it works best if you choose a city venue as they offer the most familiarity and you don't want the girl to think that you are some psycho taking her into the woods . During this time take her by the hand as you walk and work towards a kiss-close... if you have built up enough familiarty she will most likely kiss back.
Seventh: after a few good hours of interaction the date is over and you can drive her back home... the worst case scenario is that she thanks you for a fun night and at this point will most likely expect you to give her a kiss (If you haven't already).... and the best case scenario is that she invites you in for sex.

Tip for post date: ALWAYS wait for her to text or call back first the next or following days so as to not show neediness.

Hope this helps... I have gotten a kiss close and also been invited in and had sex with girls using this technique.

Please let me know if this works out for you, or if you ave any helpful pointers that you might want to add to this.