Hey everyone!

My first post, just to introduce myself and give a bit of back story.

I'm finally back in the game! I've recently left my girlfriend of several years, and I'm coming in hot!
I moved out of the home we built together, and I'm starting a new life as a single man. Having been with her so long, I had begun to stray from home within the past year, tempting fate with other women. Nothing got serious, as I always cut it off before it did, because I really respect my EX. In the end, things were getting too much for me, as I began to push my limits socially and I had to leave her with dignity. Toughest thing I've ever had to do in my life...but that's the way it is.

A bit about myself and my inner-game:

I feel like I'm in the prime of my life! I'm 31, educated, well employed (dream job with tons of HBs), I'm tall and in very good shape (avid weightlifter and swimmer). Having been with a woman (socializing with her and her friends) so long, I am very comfortable around women. I've always been quick to make new friends, and people seem naturally attracted to me (I ALWAYS smile). Confidence is not an issue. I don't suffer much aa, but sometimes I have to warm up with 6's or 7's friends before I can go for gold. My career path has forced me into thousands of approaches on men and women. I've learned how to hold a 10-20 minute conversation very well with strangers; a skill that always needs practice when playing the game.

I feel like I have another gear to go to in my life