Wazzup guys. Just doing my brief intro.

I'm a 40 yr old dude. Divorced once. One son that will be 11 next month. Civil/water engineer by trade. Make decent but not great money.

I have 50% custody of my son, but reality is more like 70%.

Got divorced in 2009. Have had 2 serious GFs since. Broke up with last one in February.

At the moment, I feel better about my life than I have in years. I work, take care of my son, and chill with friends. I'm active in men's group thru church and a few outdoor clubs.

I've got a little debt but nothing crushing. Just moved to a new house that is cheaper than where I've been. Bought new furniture, a new big screen TV, and settled it real nice.

My most recent break up, move, and a few other changes I implemented have drastically cut down on drama in my life. Family, friends, coworkers all comment on how much better I seem now. And yeah, I'm happier than I've been in years.

I had originally thought I would avoid women like the plague for a good while. Then this funny thing happened. I'm getting approached constantly. I guess I'm putting out a good vibe now and it is attracting them.

Since I'm not a monk obviously I'm reconsidering my stance on dating. I've currently got a 4 day window every 2 weeks for dates. Rest of the time I've got my son and I don't bring new women around him unless I 've been dating them a long time.

So...current challenges:
-I don't want to look for serious dating. Don't have time available. I want casual that fits my availability.

-I've got 2 ladies I'm interested in. First one is divorced, I've actually known her for a long time back before she was divorced. We always seemed to click well but I steer clear of married women and this is first time she and I have been single simultaneously. She posts on Facebook a lot and I usually crack jokes at what she posts. She recently started responding more then PM'd me to tell me my comments really made her smile. It escalated to a texting thing last night where she was send 2 or3 for each of mine.

She says next week is good to meetup face to face but not sure exact day. I know she's a busy career woman, my job keeps me on my toes too. Looks wise, she's an 8.5. 42 yrs old. No kids.

So challenge is to keep up banter without over doing it. Also, to keep her interest when my time is so restricted due to my kid schedule.

-2nd girl is younger. I didn't even try to really hit on her. She's a 10 looks wise. I'm just average but I know I bring a lot to the table. Met her 2 weeks ago while stopping for a drink and dinner at a local restaurant. Sat at the bar, got into a group discussion with the people there, including her. Turned out she's an outdoor girl, we had a lot of similar interests.

I never ask the hot bartender her number. It's such a lost cliched cause. BUT this time I did. Here's how it unfolded. I just treated myself to a new AK47 rifle. Birthday present/father's day present to myself. I love sport shooting and had wanted something besides my 9mm and .22 rifle for a while. Conversation turned to guns. She lit up so I showed her a pic of my new AK. It's got nice polished wood furniture and looks good.

She says "that's bad ass! I'd love to shoot one of those." so i said give me your number and I'll take you. No hestitation, she gave it to mr. Just a warning she was working a lot and had 2 kids she'd made a lot of plans with the next few weeks.

I texted her the next day, no response. I figured no problem. If it happens it happens, if not her loss - she won't get to shoot my gun.

Went in again the next week and she was there. She was real quick to come over, ask where I'd been, if I'd been shooting. We talked some then I went back to work.

I also searched the number on Facebook and it linked to her profile, so it's real.

I don't want to go to the bar often and seem a creeper. I also won't text/call after sending a message she didn't respond to.

What I'm not sure about - she seemed surprised I'd not come back to see her sooner. Besides my busy schedule, I also think she's likely used to more attention from interested guys, more chase, which again, I won't do. Her FB page has lots of sexy pics and about a thousand guys telling her how hot she is. She's clearly not used to aloof.

Trying to figure out how to keep her interest while we're both schedule restricted due to parenting responsibilities and work, but also not over do any texting or go to the bar too much.

This one seems a really hard balancing act. Only reason I'm going there right now is hot girls that like assault rifles are rare! Last GF got weirded out about my pistol and me refusing to get rid of it was a big contribution to the breakup. I figure if this girl is the real deal, I should check her out.

Anyway, glad to be here. Looking forward to how it goes.