Steve is my name. I'm probably considered an older member on here, being 42, but hey...some of us get here slower in life. ;-)

I started searching out PUA sites and forums after reading "The Game"...honestly to understand whether or not the book was real or just a bunch of b.s. Well, lo and behold, I found out most, if not all of these characters really exist!

I would consider myself a natural with women. I've never really had issues. My score is something like 45-50, but I lost count years ago.

I'm interested in learning though. I never really want to stop learning about anything in life, but my favorite subject has always been women. I'm interested in learning some of the more "dark" type arts...mind control, ESP, hypnosis, palm reading, etc. I don't want to learn any of them for bad intentions, they just interest me how they can be used to seduce women. I've always been very in tuned to energy and chi.

Anyway, that's just a little of my story. Hopefully, I can make some good friends around the Denver area, find some useful tools on here, and give some stories when I've used them. Until next time...