Hey gents. Coming back to the well of PUA after having discovered it 5 years ago. It was on a different site then, but this one seems to be more active now. And having lurked for a week or so, with posters such as T-mal and BatMan, this place seems to have better company in the ways of knowledge for the community as well.

I've learned and implemented so much in the past only to halt it when landing a serious SO, and then seemingly forgetting a ton when that relationship dissolves. But I think its more a confidence crash than anything else as my sticking point which leads me to the here and now. Almost 2 months removed from a 16 month relationship and I'm ready to dabble once again. I realized it was time when the age old saying that "when you're with someone, other women come out of the woodwork, and when you're single, it seems the dry spell is the longest" crept up to the forefront of the mind. Time for that line of thinking to change.

I have some stories to share with the class as well as a little bit of knowledge for some of the true noobs, but I'm hoping to Take Away some things that I should have 5 years ago.

Thanks for having me.