I'm a former PUA of '11' to '12'. I have a very successful experience with this industry up in Utah Provo and Salt Lake City Area. To keep it short, I'm a religious person trying to find a balance between love/sex and spiritual awareness. '13-14' was my down fall from the PUA world, I found myself not being myself, I get what I want but I don't commit because I have so many options, eventually they all figure out and it back fired on me on spring of 13., I mean, I got the whole town chasing me, in fact I bet I still have a bad reputation in Provo because of that, lol! Mormon psychology is so twisted, I don't really know how to implement this tool on those environments. So after figuring myself up, and aligning myself with the right environments for this game I can finally say I can start over again. I'm currently located to Vegas, "SF, SJ and SD CA". My Job requires me to move a lot which is to my advantage for this industry. I told myself that my purpose of rejoining the industry again is to get back the girl that I love the most or fuck as manny girls as I can as long that I'm breathing. I have reach the end of the line. I must act fast and I need as manny wingman and women I could get to get her by the end of the year. If not, I'll be PUA for life, which is fine by me it makes me happy anyhow, lol. One thing that I learn between persuasion and manipulation is the only difference with this two is your intent. My intent is to love this women, call it obsession, desperate, stalker or weird. But I can't see myself marrying anyone but her, either that or a women that doesn't even exist in this life anymore because she died a while ago which breaks my heart. And now I found her and I'm about to loose her as well, it feels like hell to even think that I won't have her, that the only antidote from this pain is to fuck as many girls as I can to realease this stress and pain that I'm having. So there you go, that's my situation. Anyone on board on this quest, let me know. And if you got this far congrats cause you just earned a really good wing man!