Hey ya'll Wildcat here. A bit about me. I'm 21, enlisted in the Air Force and stationed on Okinawa, Japan. Now a little on my PUA history. Started PUA around 18 reading The Game and Mystery Method as well as Style's Annihilation Method. I started out focused way too much on the technical "what to say" aspects of PUA, overlooking the most important aspect of all: inner game. It wasn't until I left the PUA scene that I started internalizing everything I'd read about inner game and made it my own that I turned myself around. I became somewhat of a natural, with my confidence levels so high my natural abilities began to show through, and I just worked at developing that. It worked a little too well as I apparently gamed a certain girl a too hard to the point she fell in love with me and my ignorant ass went and fell for her too. We got engaged just before I left for Japan and were set to get married this April but long-complicated-basically-fucked-up story made mercifully-short we broke up and the Wildcats back on the prowl. Been out of the game for a little bit, but my inner games rock solid now, and I'm ready for some education. So whats the latest and greatest thats out right now? Any suggested reading material to get me spun back up? Thanks ya'll, its damn good to be back. 'Cat Out.