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    Default Need pointers on how to redeem myself

    There is this girl at Walgreens that I've seen over the years that works there. I've never said nothing to her and I've always seen her checking me out. So a week ago I said something to her, I introduced myself asked her name and said so when are you going to let me take you out. She said she had a boyfriend. And I totally flaked and said something cheesy like well I tried and walked away. Now part of that is that I was tired from working all day and I really wasn't feeling it I was just doing it to do it, I guess. But, later that night it got to me because I know I could've done better but I didn't. Now, what I need help on is how do I joke around with this girl or what do I say next time I go in there so I don't look like a fool. I can't just ignore her and walk with my tail between my legs. This girl is not a dream girl just certain things that attracted me to her. But really could use some insight and suggestions about future and how to handle this situation.

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    Default Re: Need pointers on how to redeem myself

    Hey man,

    Props for having the guts to ask her out. Don't think she'd think you're a fool though. If anything, she will have more respect for you now. I mean, I would, if a guy noticed me and asked me out.

    The trick is to not give a damn and use some push and pull and funny stuff now. What if she doesn't have a bf? I've used that one myself many times ;D
    You will never do ANYTHING in this world without COURAGE. - Aristotle

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