I've been into this girl for about 4 month now, she is everything a man wants. The problem is she's been telling me about her boyfriend. She calls me every day and we text back and forth. As I notice that she is clearly not ready to be in a relationship with me, When I tried to distance myself from her, ignoring her texts. She tries her best to win me as she feels the rejection and I'd see her coming straight to my room at night. But every time I make a move she would reject me. So I did the same and she told me in class that she will come to my room at 9pm tonight. In addition she said she wants some nice staff which she mentioned as chocolate, yogurt and ships. I won't buy that as David DeAngelo says she must not get whatever she wants, she should work for it.

Now I need an advise on how could I persuade or move forward with her cause clearly she likes me but she always playing hard to get and she doesn't give me a chance to make a move on her. Sometimes we stay about 2 hours at my place and I'm sensing the same thing will happen again