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    Default Invited THIS girl to the party next weekend, need help!


    I have a situation that you might be able to help me with.

    So I will keep this as short as possible:

    Im 21 years old from Sweden. I met a girl (shes 19) at a nightclub for like 1 year ago, we kissed ALOT that evening, but we didnt take it further on. So during this year, we've been texting a little (like 3-4 times) and she is kinda flirty in the texts, and she tells me she wants to meet up, but as I ask her, she always responds with something like she cant, she's sick, something came up etc etc. A few days went past and I initiated contact again.

    I tried to be funny and told her whe should do a question game where I ask her a question, then she asks me a question and so on. Well it didnt really work out as after a few texts she said "well I hate these kind of things where you have to think of things :P"

    So then I just went for it and it goes like this:

    Me: Well, what I remember, you're a really cute and cool girl and it would be really fun to meet up

    Her: Well then lets do it

    Me: Awesome! We can talk later about it

    Her: Yea (Y)

    *Two days passes and I initiate:

    Me: Wazzup?

    Her: Nah nothing, just came out of the shower ^^ you?

    Me: Really.. Nah Im home watching tv
    Me: Bring some friends to our party next weekend?

    Her: What day?

    Me: Friday

    Her: Yea maybe I will try to force some of my friends

    Me: Haha I thought u guys were party girls?

    Her: Oh no, they have been getting very boring lately </3

    Me: Aaaaw.. If they dont want to, then u should come home to me so that we can watch a movie and cuddle someday instead :*

    Her: Sounds good

    So yea... I know that I really fucked up this conversation with all my boringness.. The last message was sent this wednesday (7th of october).

    Its monday tomorrow, and the party is on friday. When and what should I text to see if she comes? Becasuse if she wont come, I will try to ask some other girl instead, so I dont want to wait until the party and hopes she texts me b4 that, because if she wont come, I have no1 instead...

    What is your opinion?

    Kind regards
    Niklas from Sweden

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    Default Re: Invited THIS girl to the party next weekend, need help!

    First off, a couple of things ...... I envy you for living in Sweden, I love Scandinavian women, next thing, don't EVER tell a gir .....Nah Im home watching tv ..... even if you are at home watching tv. Always be funny, different, and unique and always push the escalation level ..... it should have been something like

    Her: Nah nothing, just came out of the shower ^^ you?

    Me: thinking about you coming out if the shower

    Much better then a boring I'm watching tv

    As for the party, there seems to be chemistry there I would go direct, "would love for you to come to this party with me Friday night, I promise we'll have a really good time " I think she'll be good with that, it's been my experience that Scandinavian girls don't play the games and have all the drama of American girls and they are pretty direct ..... GL
    "The purpose of our lives is to be happy" - his Holiness the Dalai Llama of Tibet

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