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    Octapussylicker Guest

    Default 21 year old natural from sydney

    Here's my rundown...and I'm looking for wingmen, but I can still kick it solo

    I'm 21, from sydney Australia, Still a virgin, never been kissed, only ever had online relationships, all with girls at least 3 years younger than me. So in my earlier years I was a desperate loser with no way of really talking to girls outside of school because I had hardly any friends and just about no female friends and the girls in school either hated me or were just being nice.

    In terms of hobbies relating to picking up, I DJ/rap/produce/do stand up/write songs,poetry scripts and stories etc. and I've found this has helped with alot of my natural game.
    Djing has given me an eye for good music and the beat (oh and I forgot to mention I'm a pretty awesome dancer)
    rapping and stand up have helped with confidence and my abilities to freestyle and do improv are sure factors that help.
    Then there's my writing ablility, which helps me come up with some of the sweetest things (or maybe just corniest) and helps with my ability to seem like I know alot of things I don't.

    But sadly even though I have these god given gifts, I never approach as many girls as I should and I'm still in training, not AFC, but still not pua level yet. I guess one problem is I only really try and pick up girls I'm attracted to because the ones I'm not attracted to mean nothing so its like me talking with a guy. This is probably why I don't approach as much as I do. I guess I just want to experience a relationship first, then really get into dating multiple girls because theres no harm in dating multiple girls because its not serious with anyone of them.

    What my PUA goals are:
    Of course to find the one but moreso
    fulfil all my sexual fantasies, live the life i've always wanted and am entitled to and to show women how men are supposed to be. Plus have a stack of casual friends in my lil black book haha.

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    Heartbreaker Guest

    Default Re: 21 year old natural from sydney

    What do you want from this wingman? Specifically what does a wingman do ?

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    Octapussylicker Guest

    Default Re: 21 year old natural from sydney

    A wingman is the guy that helps disctract the other girl/girls when you want a certain girl so the other shes with doesn't get pissed because she feels shes being dogged etc.

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