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    Default My first night out alone after my GF blew me off

    Hey guys,

    I'm new to the forums here,
    I've been with my current girlfriend for 3 years now, and recently she said to me that shes not attracted to me anymore and is curious about trying other guys, so I said, OK lets try to work it out, and I got all this material on relationships etc even went as far as booking an appointment with a sexologist.
    We were supposed to start looking at this stuff together Thursday till Sunday, but shes shown no interest in working it out, I went to her house on Friday evening, (last night), I had called her before that she never answers the phone, and found that she was there with one of the girls from her course.

    This girl is hideous, I mean shes really really fat (I'm sorry to say it but shes fu**ing huge, HUGE!!!!) and fu**ing loud, she shouts everything and shes pushy as f**k, but they are friends and it looked like they were settling in for a cosy night, they had baked a cake. <br>
    I said to her we were supposed to be working on some things together, she said ohhhh I forgot, and I have this English assignment to do, but it looked to me like they were settling down to play play-station games. Then the fat one asked me if I would stay and play bridge with them, I said no card games are boring to me.

    Then I just packed up my stuff said I'm going and her fat friend chirped in just as I was closing the door behind me, your man doesn't even kiss you when he leaves. I went home, wrote to her that her friend is a shit stirrer, its none of her business what we do and don't do, if she has respect for you and me she will stop with that and that next time I'm with them I will tell her that its rude if she keeps that up. This relationship trouble has been going on for a few months now, we were meant to be moving in together but she wants to move into a house with 10 other college students.

    So Friday evening nothing to do, I'm pretty much clueless when it comes to this stuff so signed up with this forum, I got showered, got myself dressed nice, took a picture and sent it to my girlfriend asking how do I look?

    I've never gone out alone before, but I decided that I needed to sort out my issues with attracting women, I went into the city alone, into a night club, there is not many people, so I ask nice looking Lithuanian and her Chinese friend, why is it so quite, she tells me wait an hour it will get busy and like magic it did

    I didn't really know what I was doing but the Lithuanian girl leaning in to me getting really close, asking me questions and even laughing at my jokes, her Chinese friend made it clear that she was not happy so I tried to include her in the convo but she only gave me one liners and then went back to focusing on her friend. Her friend seemed more interested in me. She offered me her number but couldn't remember it so she added me on face book, at this point I was thinking I wasn't expecting women to respond to me like they did, I was only planning on going out and seeing if I could be comfortable alone and because I'm still with my girlfriend so I stayed a few more minutes chatting and then I said I'm going to go explore i'll talk to you later.

    I went outside to the smoking area and saw two girls chatting together, the minute I stepped out I made eye contact with one, I went over and asked her for a cigarette, sure no problem, I decided this time not to give and receive an interview (where are you from? what do you do? why do you do it?).
    I noticed she had some tattoos so I asked her what do your tattoos, she told me they were the names of her siblings, I had fun with her guessing their names, I told her shes pretty short for a Dane, she laughed yeah I know, I'm about the same height as her, so I chirped in I felt like frodo when I first came here so I know your pain "patting her on the head" they started asking me all the usual questions what do I do, where am I from, but I tried to keep it interesting so I said you look one of those creative types, she told me she loves to paint, I told her about a guy who put two buckets of paint on a bike and cycled it into a white wall, her and her friend are laughing she says that what I do, I like to throw water balloons filled with paint, so I smile and say ok, I've never understood that kind of art so what does it mean...she tries to answer but the whole time in this conversation, I noticed that she was not leaning into me and showing the same interest that the Lithuanian girl did. They finished their cigarettes and invited me to join them inside, I declined and instead approached another couple of girls one blonde and the other brunette.

    I walked over and said I'm new in town and do you know of any good places for me to go? They said no, and asked are you here alone, I said yes I just wanted to come out and see the city and meet some people

    Again I noticed tattoo's on one of the girls and asked about them, and I chatted away with them, there was some trouble outside the club so everybody rushed over to the door to check it out, we could see the bouncers had put a guy on the ground and he was bleeding, the blonde girl stayed with me watching what was going on but the brunette disappeared, after a while she said she was cold so we went inside, as we were walking in I asked her if she wanted to check out one of the places her friends recommended, she said ok but I want to go inside for a bit first, as soon as we were inside she said oh now I cant hear you and she stood really close and started putting her arms around my neck and she said I'm so drunk

    At this point I was thinking holy f**k, I was not expecting things to go as well as they did! <br>
    I was standing almost nose to nose with her, and I just couldn't make a move, because in the back of my mind, I knew I was not single and I just didn't make a move. I think she could see the hesitation in me and after that she said come on i'll introduce you to some of my friends but she was not going to be around for the night. I went with her met her friends, talked to them, they seemed to like me, I added her on facebook, and then I left, onto another bar. I met a lot of people last night and even some people I knew, I went out at 11 didnt get home till 5 the next morning. I want to go out again tonight but I think I'm going to wait till the end of the month because that's when everyone gets paid and the city is at its busiest.

    My girlfriend text me back about the picture I sent her, she said sexy like never before.

    Shes been texting a few times today but I didnt write back, and now she just text me are you ignoring me, yes I am but I'm not going to tell her that. I just know I've got to get better with women because even though it seemed like I could have had someone last night, I didn't know how to go about it, I just kind of fumbled through the night, making it up conversations as I went along.

    So, after all of that here is my questions if you would be so kind to answer, if not, thanks for reading this far, I love this girl that I'm with, we have been through so much together, I cant just throw this relationship away, but I also want to get this area of my life handled, I would like to know what your thoughts would be if you were in my shoes?


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    Default Re: My first night out alone after my GF blew me off

    I love this girl that I'm with, we have been through so much together, I cant just throw this relationship away, but I also want to get this area of my life handled, I would like to know what your thoughts would be if you were in my shoes?
    Though not a relationship expert, but if you really love this girl then you should be clear with her and talk to her about what's bothering you. It's somewhat not right to hide things from the person you love (if you really do). If you think she's ignoring you talk to her instead of making assumptions.
    And your question is a bit vague. Which aspect of your life do you want to get handled? Do you want MLTRs or you just want to spice your relationship again? Because, in case its the latter, going out and approaching more girls isn't the solution.

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    Default Re: My first night out alone after my GF blew me off

    be as interesting with her as you're with these other girls. Be playful, don't show too much neediness, she behaves badly - forgets your appointment to work on your problems then you withdraw. There's nothing more pathetic than a man begging for attention, good thing that you're ignoring her a bit, it's good that you love her and that you don't allow her to walk all over you. Try to figure out what did you do or what you're doing that is causing the attraction to fade away and fix it, let her see the other side of you, if you're too aggressive and only show up for sex, show some romance, if all you do is talk about your feelings and act like her girlfriend then be a little more aggressive and fuck her like it's your last day on earth

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