Hi all.

I'm brand new to the PUA stuff, but I'm looking for help.

A quick intro; I'm 24, white, college educated (MIT), with a great job and a nice apartment in the "trendy" part of the city. Last January I weighed 230, this January I weighed 200, and as of today, I weight 197. I'm 5'7, so my goal is 170. I guess the point of that is that I'm getting in much better shape, and doing it the right way, and right now I am probably a 6/10. At 170 I'll be a 7 out of 10 I think. I'm also going Invisalign so when all is said and done, I should be a solid 7. I drive a nice vehicle, but not a luxury car. (2010 Ford Fusion)

My problem is this; I met a girl online (OkCupid) and we really hit it off. We have a ton of things in common, and since I was out of town for work for two weeks, we texted, chatted online, and on the phone for hours. At this point, I was really into her, but she was into me more than I was her.

I came home from work and we met in person, and hooked up the first night and for about 2 weeks thereafter. I was cooking dinner, we were going out, and I was playing what I thought was an A game. However, she is starting to back off a bit, and while I'm not stalker-esque or weird, I'm almost addicted to this girl.

I'm a normal guy with no real "scene" or "image" and she is more hipster or indie; we agree on politics but I'm a bit more conservative, and I dress a little nicer [Express, Banana Republic, etc.] and she is more eclectic, but not hippie.

We have a great time when together but every now and then my Spider-sense still goes off and I get a "Life is just hectic right now." or "You're really sweet, but...".

I want this to work for a multitude of reasons; I sincerely like her as a person, I don't deal with losing very well, she is outside my "normal" type, and she is AMAZING in bed.

I'm yielding to the experience here on the forums to help me land this for the long term.

Looking forward to it.