Hi everyone on this site. This is my first of several posts, and I look forward to hearing the responses to my questions. Ok, here's the deal, I am just literally starting out in the world of pickup, I've got and read Mystery method, The Game, Rules of the Game and Speed Seduction, so I don't need help right now with the technical side of things. Basically I'm going to start sarging within the next couple of weeks, and my aim is to have tight, tight game in a years time. At that point, there is a handful of women that I have had my eye on for literally years, who I will game. Below is as detailed a description of the women that I can give, with as much potentially releveant information as possible. By the way, I am 23 years old.
1- The first woman is one of my old schoolteachers, so she knows my name and who I am. She is a married milf. She likes English comedian Lee Evans. My old school is easily accessible, so I could go in and see her no problem.
2- She is a married milf, who lives about a half mile walk away from me. I know her name and a bit about who she is (I kinda knew her son when I was at school) but she doesn't know me. She rides the horses from her stable past my house pretty much every day, like clockwork.
3- Several women who work at my local library. They know me by face, but not really by name. I know for sure that 2 of the 4 of them are married. All of them are older women (40's-50's).
4- One of my old school friends moms/mums(for the british guys). I'm pretty sure that she was divorced and Im not sure but think she still might be single. She would almost certainly remember me. She works at a local hair salon.
5- Last but not least is a girl who blew me out when I was at school. Not sure if she has a boyfriend, but I haven't seen her in a few years.
What I want from you guys is basically your advice on how I should game all the above ladies (i.e. specific openers, etc for each situation and woman). All replies will be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!