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Thread: Hello world!

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    Default Hello world!

    Hi, my name is Viktor. I'm 24, I'm a hobbyist hacker and I work as a computer programmer from home (thus, this dumb title I came up with .

    I'm quite good at influencing people, I have no problem with assertiveness, and "being the alpha male" most of the time, and even though my game is not that great I manage to get most hot girls "fall for it", once we're talking. But I'm a total screw up at the social side of the game, girls just won't go out with me, and it is for quite a few reasons, from what I can tell.

    Anyway, I'm happy I've registered so I can improve myself and probably contribute a bit if I can.
    Regards from Bulgaria!

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    Default Re: Hello world!

    Dude i live near Bulgarian border and no offense, you ppl have some wierd style, like in 60s...
    When you get number, thats tottaly normal to girl, and when you call her she had Last Minute Resistance, because she is:
    "Hey wait, i dont know this guy, he is calling me to get out, and next station is SEX"
    Becauae you didnt build enought comfort to move to another Comfort place, and here you cant pass that time bridge, becauae you didnt made multiple bounce loops, its very fun to girls..
    Girls see this like very needy.
    Whats particular problem?

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