So I've been "talking" to this girl for a month. Texting or talking on the phone everyday (I never text first, i think it makes you look too eager). You probably are thinking that I'm in the friend zone, but we hooked up a good bit and she spent the night or whatever. When we first started "talking," she established that she did like me, but did not want to get too close because she's graduating. Well after many hook up sessions and dates I thought it was a good time to bring up the topic of s3x... She is sort of church oriented but idk.. So i texted her...
Me: so whats up with me and you
Her: I like you, but i don't want to get too close
Me: Well, maybe we could do some boyfriend/ girlfriend stuff with out making it official (insinuating do it)
Her: what does that even mean lol
Me: it means what you want it to mean
Her: I think i know what your looking for, and i dont want that
Her (again)- "that" just makes everything a lot more serious
Me: what if we don't let it get serious
Her: it always gets serious

so anyways ever since that little texting convo, she hasn't texted me or called me... What should I do? P.S.- throughout the time we were "talking" I hooked up with about 5 others chicks so maybe she found out about them?