I'm 23, and I'm a late bloomer. I've always been shy around girls, and I've never even kissed one.

I'm super tall (I tower over 99.9% of people, no joke), but also super skinny. I wish I could put on some muscle, but it's just not in the cards. It's an ok trade off, as people are generally intimated by height.

I started reading these forums, and it really motivated me to change. I decided I had nothing to lose, and went out with my buddy to some of the local clubs.

I approached this cute girl, and was talking for a few minutes. I had a small window of opportunity when I could have gotten her number, but I hesitated and then it was over. Afterwards I was overcome with a feeling of great confidence and happiness (although I would have been happier if I got her number), and wondered why I had been so nervous for all these years.

Here's my goal- get as far as I can before my 24th birthday!