Hey guys, Marty here. I just noticed the email telling me to post or reply right away, so I guess I'll do an intro.

I am 54, and divorced for 14 years. I have been through the ringer with child support and ex non-sense. I haven't been out there looking for anything for years. I roller skate at some LA and OC rinks. Probably 8 years ago, I used to try and socialize and talk to women at skating. I got nowhere. So I just gave it up.

Recently, oh, for about the last 3 months, I have been doing opens. I have not bought any system or book yet. My training has come from Tripp videos, and some of his free stuff, reading the BlackDragon blog, and a few of the other PUA Gurus out there.

What i am familiar with is Kino, my FAVE, Consistency and Compliance, saw a great video about that, Pre-Selection, Push/Pull, though I have not done that. What else, activating the sub conscious mind, the importance of an emotional connection.

What I need to work on right now is sprucing up my conversation skills, and work on emotional connections. I had a bad night a few weeks ago with a woman, a regular at skating, that I had opened, did well with, but then kind of left alone. Then one night I was babbling like an idiot. No major mistakes, but very not Alpha, and plain uninteresting. I have not escalated at all, not even gone for a number. Just practicing opening, and having enjoyable conversations. So pretty low key stuff so far. I have my open count at about 70.

So here looking for support, to hang with other PUA's and at some point join in with some guys on the hunt.