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    Default Do girls really prefer personality over looks?

    The community suggests that looks dont matter if you have the right personality. Today i was chatting with a girl. She was like that guy is good looking. So she wanted to hook up with him. Isnt it contrary to the belief?

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    Default Re: Do girls really prefer personality over looks?

    The way women think is not always easy to understand. Many of them think(either they've been taught through the media or whatever)that they need a good looking man. The truth is they do like a good looking man but if that good looking man has the personality of a neanderthal then he won't get very far. So yes men who are good looking have an advantage but only if they know what they are doing and have a good personality. So this girl says this guy is good looking. Ok. Well she still probably isn't going to approach him because no matter what he looks like most women except the man to come to them. So as long as she is talking to you and not him I wouldn't worry too much about it.

    Here's another thing to consider. There was a study done with over 1000 female participants where women were asked to rate a man as either attractive or unattractive based on pictures. In one picture a conventionally attractive man was dressed up and in another he wasn't(he was disheveled and sloppy looking or whatever) and the same thing for a guy who was less good looking. Women overwhelmingly chose the man who was dressed up and looking good regardless of whether he was the "handsome" man or not. What does this mean? It means women place more importance on looking good than actually being good looking(conventional ly handsome).

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