Just wanted to introduce myself to the forum. You can refer to me as King. It's crazy being back on this forum. I've been out of the game for year and I finally decided to make my way back.

When I previously was on the forum, my journey was solely on getting pussy and that was it. I think this time around not only am I trying to get pussy but I want fulfilling relationships as well as work on my "inner game". I know the best practice is going out there (which I do) but I feel like I am clueless to the game and want to de-rust if you will.

During my teens I relied heavily on my looks through and didn't have to put much effort into things like carrying conversations, looking approachable, just having an attractive confident personality that radiates towards everyone. I now realize that personality, good conversations, attractive attitudes, etc are more important than just having good looks and I feel like I missed out on honing in those skills and it caught up to me.

I'm pretty social. I have a lot of friends and I have a social circle of guy friends that all pull girls. I always get compliments on my smiles and my looks as well. At parties/bars while my friends go up and talk to girls I'm usually the one that's spectating in the conversation or I wait until girls approach me, which makes me come off as standoff-ish. I can talk to guys no problem and I can talk to girls I don't find attractive but when it comes to any girl I'm attracted to I shut down. If I am talking to girls I'm not even flirting with them.. I'll be talking about their day or their tattoos or anything else BUT flirting with them. Over the years I've transformed into the beta male among my friend group of alphas I get love from everyone but it's that big brother type of love. I think it's a problem that I only get girls when I'm drunk. I can't rely on substances to talk to girls forever

I wouldn't say I'm unconfident but I do realize that I seem a little boring and come off as introverted when really I've just trained myself to be laid back to the point where I got lazy with my personality. And when I'm not feeling introverted and try to talk to girls my game doesn't work, while I see my friends charming the same girls I tried to talk to. This has affected my inner game greatly when it comes to girls. I don't have a lot of friends I see that are girls besides when I'm partying and that's a problem as well.

I thinks some of my other sticking points include..

-Nerves/Approach Anxiety
-Poor inner game/self esteem when it comes to girls (feeling attractive/confident around them)
-Using negs and coming off as a jerk
-Confidence (when it comes to trying to get on girls)
-Social awareness
-Body language, eye contact, looking approachable, etc
-Conversation skills (not just talking but I'm admittedly a bad listener)
-I get stuck in my head/think too much which contributes greatly to my lacking conversation skills
-Over all flirting skills

If I can get anything from this forum it's to just break out of this funk I've been in and develop my confidence and personality again. I think I've been away from the game and got complacent for so long that times have changed and I didn't adjust and now I'm kind of on stuck. When I was at my best I would label my game as "natural" where I would just go with the flow, more confident, and alpha for sure. I do want to get to the point where I'm fucking girls again but I don't want girls in my life just to fuck, I'd like to build deep lasting relationships with them as well, which is hard now as I seem to push a lot of them away.

Willing to take any tips from anyone on where to start my journey, how to start my journey, sections/posts in the forum that will help me, anything. I know this forum is full of friendly people and I'm looking forward to see where this takes me!

Back in the game. Looking to become more AMOG as well as work on my inner game and build confidence and lasting relationships with women.