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Thread: Cant f close

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    Default Cant f close

    Hey guys this is my first post but I have been working on myself for a while. I feel like I have approach down. I hook up with girls but I just can't seem to get passed that. I had a tinder date recently, she invited me over. We talked, I hooked up with her she was seemed comfortable with me, but couldn't get passed that. Any good threads on f-closing?

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    Default Re: Cant f close

    For me, hooking up means you had sex. Assuming your definition is making out with maybe a bit of second base, many girls won't have sex with you on the first date, even if they want to. There could be a strong urge present, but girls don't want to feel like they are too easy or sluts, so will wait a while. This isn't always the case, and you can push through it on the first date, but only if you play the game properly and have really got the attraction going during the date. Making out is a good sign that she IS into you though, which should make a second meet-up much more likely to end in sex. Just stick with it man and it'll work out for you. I like to practice my subliminal/body signalling during dates and when just talking to new girls. The other thing is that when you say you "couldn't get passed that," was is because you weren't confident enough to really go in for the kill? While you're making out, get try these few things to get her more aroused. After a few minutes, put your hand under her shirt, but DO NOT just get super handsy and forceful with the grabbing. very gently move your fingers around her lower back and some of the more sensitive areas of the body. Legs included. you want a light, caressing touch. They love that stuff. Neck kissing at the right time is also a big turn on. As for boobs, I don't usually even touch them until a while in. Imagine you're blind and the girl's body is a 3-D map. Gently feel your way around the place, paying attention to what she likes and doesn't like, while maintaining a good kissing rhythm. Every now and then, I'll all of a sudden turn things up a notch by putting one arm behind the small of her back and pulling her in tight as I turn up the intensity on the kissing. Try this stuff and see what happens for you.

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