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    Ronno Guest

    Arrow My Introduction - from Ronno

    Hello Guy's,

    the art of picking up the hottest girls have been fascinating me
    for a while, so i decided to Join this forum to learn from you.
    My name is Ron, i am 18 Years old and i live in a small town in the
    Netherlands. in my hometown there are no clubs, pubs or other
    places to hang out at night. so before i had my own transport i
    wasn't able to travel by to the city nearby. I'm still a noob at the bar
    and club games, I never had a change to get experienced in that kind
    of game. it seems like Everytime i try i fark up in the clubs or bars.
    yesterday , i made the fatal mistake to tell the girl i was picking up to
    follow me to dance floor to dance. her dancing skills where remarkable,
    and i think she thought that i could dance. that was quite a
    dissapointment for her, i have no dancing skills at all. she told me that
    i was dancing quite spastic, and she started dancing with another guy
    who was quite a good dancer. too bad for me.
    It was a verry stupid action to take her to the dancefloor while every
    pick-up book i ever read says something about you should avoid
    the dance floor if you can't dance.

    Hopefully i can learn from you guys,

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    Default Re: My Introduction

    welcome, sorry no dancing lessons from me.

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    KingStatus Guest

    Default Re: My Introduction

    I can understand what happen, you bit off more than you can chew in a sense, got a little caught up with the woman and you just wanted to impress her...dancefloor is not the place to do it if you cant dance. You have to get her into her comfort zone without leaving yours. Obviously, you were doing good enough to get her to take up you on your offer for a dance. So just learn from it. I know a few moves but, am no dancing king and i know that. So, i stick to what I know and in a way dance using my words.

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    Default Re: My Introduction

    lol best way to learn dancing is just search it on youtube and then practice basic clubs move. things like the easy shift, rocking, stepping with snapping, step touch and creating more movement by moving your arms, lip singing and stuff like that. its not hard. you dont have to be usher or justin timberlake, just know how to move to the beat and know the basic moves and its usually best to know a lot of the good club songs so you can create lots of movement and be comfortable cause you know the beat. COOL?
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