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Thread: My first....

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    Poundface Guest

    Default My first....

    Beware of the powers of “the Foreigner”. Some, not all have an inept ability to not pick up on game do to a translation deficiency in their heads. This is my first post so bare with me. I've been running game for a bit now. I have some sort of sick fascination with attraction and the laws that are supposed to be applied to it that I tend to put myself in a cartoon and draw up anything my heart can ponder up. The other night (literally last night) I saw a very cute petite Latina girl making looks at me from the side of the bar. I'd play with her every few minutes and catch her looking with an abrupt head turn in her direction just to let her know the the attraction was mutual and I'm noticing her interest. As I down the last of my drink I head over to her ready to run some Salvador Dali game that would make her heart melt like the clocks in the painting. “Hello, why do you keep staring at me?” I asked. Her forehead crinkled up in confusion. “What's your name?”, she said “Viamey” she said with little to no emotion, not to mention one of the worst names to try and remember throughout the night. So I would call her names that weren't even close like “Beverly” or “Sophia” so she would playfully correct me (or in my case remind me.) So I say to her, “I see you're full of life.... Never mind that, I want you to play pool with me. I need to beat someone tonight or I'll hate myself tomorrow for lying to my friends about beating everyone in pool.” She agreed and started warming up to me. She has a giant smile on her face now, full of teeth which is a plus, and is now responding to what I'm saying to her. Now I'm picking up on the accent which isn't to thick but enough that some of the words are broken and if you're hard of hearing, like me, you're saying “what!?” a lot which is a bad habit. By mid way through the game of pool I'm dumping everything I have in my arsenal. I've done stupid bar tricks, half assed magic tricks that I never get right (if she wasn't confused with me before she was with the magic tricks). I went right down to asking 4th grade questions like, “Whats your favorite color?” and “Whats your favorite food?” It blew my mind that it wasn't Mexican, not to stereotype, but she said sushi which she didn't really say it correctly so after a couple of “whats!?” I finally got it. Buy now I'm frustrated. She isn't getting any of the pick-ups I'm putting out but all of the child flare is working like a charm. Here comes the insulting part, foreigner's are incapable of understanding intricate conversation. I've been putting in so much effort on the intellectual side when really their comprehension of English conversation is at like a 4 but simple “coloring book” tactics were flawless. So after I came to the realization that I need to be a 4 year old. 30 minutes of playground talk got me a kiss and I got to see a fabulous rack. I did finish, no. I was taken to the bar and didn't have a good way to get back home the next day because she didn't have a car. I want to let everyone know that I love foreigners. I have no problems or qualms with them. With over thinking before we made it to the bar, I never really evaluated my target and got frustrated with the fact I'm not getting anywhere. So now, I'll make sure that when I'm sarging I get a good evaluation of my target and adjust my tactics accordingly. Even if it means being on an elementary playground again.

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    BadMedicine Guest

    Default Re: My first....

    I had a simular experience with a vietnamese girl who I met at work (worked for the same company, but didnt work together) and invited to a get together at my bachelor pad (lived with 2 other bachelors) but was havign a big BBQ/ keggar. She was obviously into me and glued to me because she didn't know anyone else, and even though some of my lady friends/ mutual friends were trying to warm up to her she was really shy and wouldn't leave me for long. sealed some kisses and talked a bit but it was like two different languages. she was smokin hot and my age, but serious language barrier. We kissed quite a bit but she was a little traditional, so no further. Went out for drinks a couple of times, she was totally into me, but almsot impossible to communicat in a bar... veeery frustrating. In the end, it jsut didnt/ wasnt goign to work out. I was seeing other girls/ had other options and wasn't willing to put the effort in. It was obvious she wanted some sort of structured relationship, and I jsut didnt have time for it. At other times in my life I would have been THRILLED to spend time with her and take it further, but I was literally at the top of my game EVER at the time and it didn't work out.

    Long story, but mostly what I'm getting at is, language barrier can be a deal breaker. If she's wild and speaks the international male language, it can work out, but for meeting, especially loud and public places, if there's no intention of long termness, it can be a pretty quick deal breaker. Chalk it up to practice, experience, and a good time. Your approach sounded infallible, and I couldn't knock you any points for the rest of it.

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    Default Re: My first....

    Wall of text. Can you break it up please vert hard to read

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    Default Re: My first....

    Back in Sacramento, the asian invasion is out of control so I can relate to the language barrier. Thanks for the ups though.


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