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    Pua Scientist Guest

    Default Hi everybody, new to the community

    Hi i am the Pua scientist

    I am a amateur Pua who is about to start in the field tomorrow. I am 21. I take things very literally and am socially VERY intimating in conversations. I found out i judge people (or used to) by there intelligence verses there moral character. now that i am conscience competent of my social awkwardness and over aggressiveness i feel now i have the power to change things. My score for total number of "mammals of the opposite sex" i have bread with is 12. Let me break it down to you in numbers, so you can find that my score does not really reflect success by my standards

    E= level of ease (10 being so hard you would need to date rape drug her to have sex and 1 being as simple as breath to deep and she will be in your bed)

    A= Attractiveness (10 being supermodel statues, 1 being i rather not have sex if its that hard to tell if its a woman)

    T= Time it took me to start talking to get to have sex

    #= The number in front of the name is the age i was when we slept together

    22Jessica- Old love of my life (Ease level 5, Attractiveness 8, time 50 hours)

    26Janie- My old fark buddy (Ease level 3, attractiveness 6, time 20 hours)

    26Nicole- A one week girlfriend (Ease level 1, attractiveness 7.5, time 8 hours)

    27Hoe- A hoe paid $20 to sleep with her ( Ease level 1, attract level 4, time 4mins)

    29Myra- 47 year old cougar (Ease level 2, attract level 3, time 1 hour)

    29Susie- 20 year old fark buddy (Ease level 2 attract level 7.5, time 2-3 hours)

    29Swathie- 21 year old Indian girl (Ease level 8, attract level 7, time 20hours)

    19Jennifer- Another cougar 48 years of age and FAT (ease1, attract 3, time 30min)

    19Sassy- a 39 year old cougar (ease level1, attract 2, time 10 min)

    20Cookie- a 44 year old purtorican cougar (ease level 1 attract 8, time 3 hours)

    20lucy- a 48 year old cougar (ease level 1, attract 1, time 15 min)

    20Britney- a girl i meet a spring break 2010 at college (ease level 3, attract 3, time 2 hours)

    Goal- To find Love or just friends, Respect people and leave them better than what i found them, and help enhance this world with better relationships between people. to up the moral calibration and standards on what is considered to be love so when people find love they know it.

    Styles i will be using include

    LAS VEGAS Method for building charter/style by Neil Strauss

    Mystery's m3 method for stucture

    When i get good then i plan to use the forbidden October man sequence ( not till alot later though)

    I have just got into the community the last few weeks and i was introducted through Ross jeffries work but switching over to the Neil Strauss side lol

    I am located in Charlotte North Carolina

    Hobbies include- martial arts, fishing, farming, fish farming lol, growing gardens and food forest, running cross county (the sport not actually running across the country), spending time with my 3 little brothers

    Passions- SCIENCE building, destroying, taking apart, researching and figuring out stuf thaT needs scientific explanation

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    Default Re: Hi everybody, new to the community

    lol i like your entire thing but when talking to women do not give off The Vibe that you feel above people cause of your intelligence, like just like being completely cocky= not good. then also you want to use other people advice and methods but its more that they give you that stuff to make your own style and routine. cause if everybody just used it, it obviously wouldnt work well. and then just slowly learn and get that Mindset of an alpha male.i have never fucked a girl below a 6 but as far as easy level, never below a 4. being too easy is a turn off to me. i feel dirty if i fucked a girl that basically would fuck any guy that said hello.haha
    I live in my reality and you’re a guest

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    GailHairston Guest

    Default Re: Hi everybody, new to the community

    great site really informative i learned a lot great stuff keep it.

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    Default IN NC

    Im john I live in Asheville NC looking for a wingman nearby.

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