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    Well its been a while since I have last talked to you guys, I do apologize for my absence my job has kept me well busy. At the moment I sit with a can of Asahi beer (my fav japanese beer) in my hand, Macbook in my lap and memories of yesterdays tryst in my current thoughts. The game has been good to me for the past 7 years, through the game I have met tons of people extending my net work, met many beautiful women (which I have had the opportunity of either become intimate with of become good friends who have had friends that have held my intrest.

    As many of you may or may not know I have traveled the world to several countries ( these include Spain, Amsterdam, South Korea, Czech Rep, Hungary, Ireland, Scotland, England, Germany and now currently Japan all because of my job of course) I have seen the game used in different manners from Natural to primal, From gimmick to mystery. From my experience's I can truly say that the game is different/same any where in the world you may go. Now at this point you may be wondering how can you say that the game is peridoxial because you are doing nothing more than being contradictory in the previous statement well I'll explain to you guys what I mean yeah.

    First the Ill say the game is the same because all women respond with their natural instincts towards an attractive man ( now keep in mind all women are attracted to different attributes in a man) this human attraction is universal for humans. She can not help the impulses that impede her being as one of my good friends used to say "When nature calls nature calls, we cant resist its calling" and second I'll say that the game is different by the methods in which a man may go about to attract this specific mate. For example the women here in Japan are very submissive and very shy so the usual rapid/direct approach may not work, trying a indirect yet sexual method may work in some situations. And the women in Europe for example are very open to there sexuality so it is no biggie for them to approach you for a fun time. I have had several cases with me having a fun night with the boys a knock-out 10 comes up to me to create some type of intrest. And another example is the women in America are very aggressive and want a man to take charge and sorta put them in there place yet respect their independence. You see what I mean now.

    I can truly say that once you learn a method that has worked for you, you'll be ok for the most part you'll still have those bomb-out days (no hits no matter what you do) the best thing to do in those situations is keep on trucking and find better ways to redefine your self as a PUA. I am glad to have been apart of the community and to have seen its growth, its been a blessing. The biggest hump in the game I think is getting started once you take that first step and accept the fact that no matter what ull succeed at some point you'll be ok. Well Im done with my tangent peeps lol thanks for listening. Heres some pics for you entertainment of me and my experiences. ENJOY


    -Until next time
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