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    captaincrunch Guest

    Default newbie story input needed

    hey all

    so i'm captaincrunch, i'm new to pickup. obviously many principles of it ring true and now i begin to notice them in the world around me, but by no means am i a natural seducer.

    that being said i am good shit and i've read plenty of material (really appreciate mystery & style & juggler) and i have been hitting the streets and bars and just all around trying to be more social.

    i have already had success with canned material, and have been trying to put my own spin on everything from this early stage onward.

    i have been trying to go out to clubs with a buddy here or there and they are your typical natural ladies man kinds. i see their individual behaviors following all of the phases and have been taking note of their material and escalation methods. truth be told, when under an analytical microscope, none of these people are true PUAs, they are natural enough to not mess stuff up while still creating attraction

    so last night i was out on town with two dude buddies and a pivot (very attractive blonde, HB7). it's a small town bar and we all knew tons of people, so i made sure that i made the rounds from minute 3 on and entered and left convos with strangers and acquaintances all night. so one buddy of mine (who considers himself a true PUA, uses lots of NLP, but asks tons of questions, interview-style) approached a set with an HB7 and an HB9 and starts chatting up the HB7 enough to where she left her pool game. he gives me the sign and i come over and meet her friend, definitely my inner game was nervous at this point.

    i approach her simply by introducing myself, first and last name, and continue by saying that she doesn't seem to be from around here. good vibes come back at me, i find out she isn't from here anymore but grew up in the area and went to a private all girls school. i neg right away with "you're one of those kinds of girls." more good vibes and giggles, and she asks what that means, i say i've heard stories about girls from there, and that i know a couple to be true personally. when she asked me to say one of the stories, i say that it's not polite for conversation with someone you just met. she laughs and says that the stories are probably all true. i've been escalating only with hand on her back and lower stomach during this entire conversation, and did not get any IODs from it, but for some reason at this point she just stood up and said "i just saw an old friend, i'll be right back" and walked off to a group of HB8s & 9s that had just arrived. they were happy to see her and it looked like it would be a few minutes, so instead of waiting i went and starting socializing with another group of people nearby and wound up bouncing around until some ladies dragged me outside with them.

    then my buddy comes up to me and says "you're blowing it for me, sabrina is asking where you are" so i said i'd be there in a few and finished a convo and used the pool tables as a time constraint to leave. i arrive and say a dumb thing "i think i'm going to occupy your time for a little, you look really bored" and she immediately said "oh i see another friend" and started walking off

    at this point i kinda grabbed her waist playfully and said let's look into each others eyes for a few seconds before you go. she complied and stared at me for a 3 to 5 seconds, blushed and then took off.

    i was not in the mood for playing games and left to talk with more friends and woman.

    at this point it's about an hour later in the evening, i'm outside taliing with some poeple, controlling frames and introducing people a bunch (i was a great wingman for two of my buddies, the intros boosted their confidence and they came in styling and smiling) and that same girl, sabrina eyes me as she leaves through this side exit. i continue what i'm doing.

    this girl even comes back later in the night wearing a different shirt, more brightly colored, and walks up to the table i'm at having fun and talking with my neighbors fiance (she is actually hanging off of me) and the pivot and sabrina kinda wiggles her hips at me and eyes me then walks away.

    as i'm going to approach her she sees me and enters into a groupset with no one that i've known before and some clear AMOGs. i had to already Disarm a few and was feeling unsure of whether i could disarm these ones or not, so rather than approach the set i walked by and went inside. she didn't follow so i just moved onto talking to new people and let her slip my mind. i did not see her again that night

    so i am looking for advice and happily welcoming criticisms. i learned these truths (which i had previously read from this experience):

    my inner game must be on. nervousness might fly on an HB7 but less likely on HB9s. be congruent

    that persistence is key

    and that having fun while not picking anyone up can be fun too

    specific questions:

    is her leaving to talk to friends a shit test? how would you suggest responding?
    thoughts in my head were : go over and talk to her and get the groups going, get in with the group from another of the women, leave and dont wait for her (this is what i did - had fun when she wasn't there)

    when i get eyeballed, thats a definite IOI, but how should i approach? should i delay before getting up or respond immediately?
    i went over but wound up doing a walk by, telling one of her friends(HB9) who was dressed like a slut that her dress was way too short - i accept this was not how to handle this, but please give suggestions

    any thoughts are welcome, please provide your opinions


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    Default Re: newbie story input needed

    actually not bad. i dont see too much wrong. i mean she could always go see some friends and it not be a problem. but once she complied with your whole eye staring thing. that shows interest because she complied and did something that could make some people uncomfortable and then left blushing. so thats good. so showed interest but was still a social butterfly at heart and was going to see some friends.

    so she was giving pretty good ioi's and was complying well and then you did good to hold a strong frame and not follow her. but something you could have tried to do is when she gives you that eye contact and jumped into that social group. i might have actually tried to get her to come over and see me. if she gives me an IOI and then complies to come see me, i definitely knows she is attracted and knows i will be leading the interaction. so instead of going to her immediately i would have tried to flag her down to come to me and then worked my game from there. you did some keno but not too much from what you wrote. so maybe a little more sexual escalation during this night could have been better, you said nothing of a Number Close or trying for a kiss close like Bill whiskey kiss, which is absolutely brilliant btw.

    so overall i give your sarge a good thumbs up. you did well to hold a strong frame, to up your social proof, AMOG destroying and then keno. just need to improve on ur sexual escalation and then try to escalate to a kiss close if not a minimum of a number close.

    ps i totally thought you were going to get left with the 7 to deal with. you actually got lucky and got the hotter one. haha lucky you right?
    I live in my reality and you’re a guest

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    captaincrunch Guest

    Default Re: newbie story input needed

    crobinson1 -

    thanks for your input. i think your points of lack of sexual escalation and needing to Phase Shift to a close are very valid.

    i especially appreciated your point that i was actually lucky to not be left with the 7, and that could have been a favor from my buddy even.

    thanks dude, be well, i'll post a summary next time and hope to hear your advice again

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    Salaami Guest

    Default Re: newbie story input needed

    Good stuff, you left without any closure though, strong frame like crob said though.

    You don't want to look like you're chasing her, but that doesn't mean you can't initiate a conversation after the initial one, as long as you don't look needy or anything it actually can be a very alpha thing to do. Maybe 20 minutes after she left you for the first time go and rejoin the group, talk to your friend for a bit, turn to her and say sorry for being rude, introduce yourself to her friends, bam your alpha and can control the conversation very easily.

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    captaincrunch Guest

    Default Re: newbie story input needed

    salaami -

    thanks for the input. i will work on closing and group approaches to get better at this. thanks for your advice, and i liked the "sorry for being rude thing" too


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