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Thread: I am Lestat

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    Cool I am Lestat

    Hello to everyone out there who reads this, you may call me Lestat. I'm new to the online community, and might need a little help with my latest project. I am planning on moving to Budapest for a year or more, and would like to develop new methods and routines for picking up foreign women. I'm willing to be the guinea pig for any theories anybody might have, and will always post the results of any experiment. Let's work hard together, and introduce something new to the game!

    With love and pride,

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    Default Re: I am Lestat

    first thing you are going to try. This is and old theory of mine, its about our instincts and what is embedded on our brains since the stone age. its quite simple actually.

    Try to find a HB10 when you do, grab her by the hair and tell her shes yours. Then proceed to walk home while pulling her by the hair. when you take it home, shes yours! have fun with your new GF.

    All kidding aside, Good luck on your trip!!!

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    Default Re: I am Lestat

    Haha, sounds fun. I'll add it to the list. I really like the hair pulling idea... I'm trying to nail down physical communication because of the language barriers. I know maybe 3 or 4 words in hungarian, so verbal communication will be difficult if they don't speak english. I'm working on a routine stack that involves almost NO verbal communication at all. I think it can be done, but there are bugs on top of bugs to work out... I'll post it for appraisal when I finally smooth out the wrinkles (if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to offer them!).


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