Hey all. Just to let you know who i am briefly

19 - in Australia

university student


attractive (or so ive been told)

semi alpha male, been told by just about every girl i know that im a nice guy (whether ive farked them or theyre just friends).

so basically most of the girls i meet would be at university or one of the occasions that i go out clubbing (hey, im a poor uni student whos just trying to make ends meat cant go out clubbing that much)

most of the time i suffer from aa, which really shouldnt be a problem because i can hold conversation with just about anyone quite well. i think whats holding me back is the crazy ex getting my confidence down or just plain and simple rejections. also i go through phases when i really want a gf i can be with, and at other times im just horny and want to try pick up anything above an including an HB7

so today i was in a small class where im one of 2 guys out of a class of 20 girls (i get looks by default, and sit in the middle of the class so its not too hard...) but i seem to get the feeling that since im athletic and quite buff, most girls immediately think that ive got more biceps than brains and trust me, in Australia girls arent really as pretentious/premiscuous as they are in the USA (no offence, just a fact).

anyways... this HB8 came into class late and sat next to me because it was one of few seats left. after realising that i had forgotten my reading material for the lesson i asked if i could look on to hers and she willingly shared her book with me.

althought i didnt do it right when i thought i should (the AA kicking in, i said this about 15 minutes later than the first opportunity) i commented on her nailpolish because it was a different colour. she seemed quite pleased about this and laughed it off, saying thanks.

after a bit more of discreet flirting (the class was reading, cant exactly have a conversation when the class is silent) she seemed to be copying my positions (leaning my head in my hand, folding my arms etc).

at the end of the class, she commented on my bag wondering how i could carry it around all day because it looked really big and heavy and i said 'trust me, my shoulder's killing me' (pretty gay i know, it was totally unexpected for her to say anything, i figured she would just get up and leave)

she had to see the teacher for a bit, because she was new to the class, and so i took a bit of time pakcing up my stuff hoping that id be able to walk out of the classroom with her. i didnt pay attention properly and she beat me to it, but on the way out she looked at me, smiled, and waved.

i left the classroom and she was about 20 metres away from me (around 60ft for those of you who dont know what a metre is) and so i was trying to walk extra fast to catch up to her so i could ask for her name and possibly #close, but by the time i got there she was already on a phone call so i just forgot about it, she didnt notice me because i was just behind her.

i would see her once a week, maybe twice depending on whether she is in my lecture or not.

just wondering if there is anything i should do next week to guarantee i get her # . im quite sure shes keen because we didnt even remotely hold a conversation and she was commenting on my stuff and waved me goodbye, and didnt even know eachothers names.

any tips on this case, and in general, would be great